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Mastering Complex Revision Surgery: The Expertise of Dr. Herrick J. Siegel

For patients experiencing failure of a previous hip or knee replacement, revision surgery offers hope for relief, but requires a surgeon with specialized skills. At his practice in Birmingham, AL, Dr. Herrick J. Siegel has become one of the top revision joint replacement specialists in the region and country. With over 20 years focused on complex orthopedic surgery, Dr. Siegel is able to achieve optimal outcomes even in difficult revision cases.

What is Revision Joint Surgery?

Revision surgery refers to the procedure to remove and replace a failed hip, knee, shoulder or other joint replacement. Components of the original artificial implant may loosen over time, become unstable, develop wear and tear, or lead to persistent pain. Other common reasons for revision include infection, fracture, and dislocation of the joint implant.

The goal of revision is to correct the problem with the prior joint replacement and improve patient comfort, function, and quality of life. It involves removing some or all parts of the original implant and replacing them with new components to reconstruct the joint.

When is Revision Joint Surgery Necessary?

Most joint replacements last upwards of 15-20 years, but some fail earlier for various reasons. Signs that revision may be needed include increasing pain, instability, stiffness, swelling, or inability to bear weight on the joint. Imaging tests and exams allow Dr. Siegel to determine if components have loosened or worn out.

Revision rates are relatively low, around 5-10% for knee and 3-7% for hip replacements over 15 years. But with 750,000 joint replacements done yearly in the U.S., revision procedures are increasing.

The Surgical Mastery of Dr. Herrick J. Siegel

As a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Siegel possesses advanced expertise specifically in revision procedures. He understands the intricacies of why implants fail and how to address complications. His skills include:

  • Meticulous pre-operative planning based on thorough clinical and radiographic assessment
  • Mastery of specialized revision techniques including removal of well-fixed components
  • Expertise with complex reconstruction of damaged bone and soft tissues
  • Precision implantation of new revision joint components and use of bone grafts or augments
  • Management of infections, including long-term suppressive antibiotics and staged revisions
  • Skill coordinating care with infectious disease specialists when needed
  • Knowledge of latest advances in revision components, materials, and techniques

By combining surgical skill, experience, and a holistic approach, Dr. Siegel is able to handle even the most complex revision cases effectively. Patients seek his specialized care from throughout the Birmingham metro and South.

Achieving Optimal Revision Surgery Outcomes

The goals of revision joint replacement are to:

  • Alleviate pain and improve mobility and function
  • Correct any instability or malalignment in the joint
  • Remove components that have loosened or worn out
  • Treat any infections that are present
  • Allow return to daily activities and improved quality of life

To meet these goals, the surgery must balance:

  • Meticulously removing failed components
  • Restoring the joint anatomy and mechanics
  • Avoiding damage to surrounding tissues like nerves and vessels
  • Promoting proper healing to avoid complications

Through his expertise, Dr. Siegel is able to balance these elements to achieve the optimal outcomes possible for each patient’s unique scenario. While risks exist with any surgery, he utilizes advanced techniques to minimize complications.

Most patients report significantly reduced joint pain, increased mobility, high satisfaction rates, and substantially improved activity levels and quality of life after a successful revision surgery.

Patient-Centered Care

In addition to clinical excellence, Dr. Siegel provides compassionate, patient-centered care. He understands the physical and emotional challenges faced by those requiring complex revision surgery.

Dr. Siegel’s caring approach includes:

  • Explaining the procedure and expectations in understandable terms
  • Giving ample time for patients to ask questions and express concerns
  • Clarifying the benefits and risks to align with each patient’s condition and goals
  • Meeting with family members to keep them well-informed
  • Conscientious post-operative follow up and management of any issues

By treating patients like family, Dr. Siegel eases anxiety and helps them feel confident entering surgery and through their recovery. Patients value his personal investment in achieving the best possible outcome for their revised joint.

The Forefront of Innovation

Dr. Siegel augments his surgical skills by utilizing the latest advances in revision joint replacement, including:

  • 3D CT scanning for in-depth component analysis and procedural planning
  • Custom augments and stems to fill bone defects
  • New bearing surfaces to reduce wear rates
  • Bioengineered coatings and surfaces to promote bone ingrowth
  • Novel anti-infective spacer techniques for two-stage revisions
  • Newer antibiotics and methods for infection prevention and treatment

By combining proven techniques with cutting-edge innovations, Dr. Siegel pushes the boundaries of what is achievable through revision surgery. Patients benefit from breakthrough discoveries translating into improved clinical outcomes.

A Beacon for Revision Joint Surgery Excellence

For those whose joint replacement requires revision, selecting an orthopedic surgeon with specialized expertise is imperative. Through dedicated focus on these complex procedures for over two decades, Dr. Herrick J. Siegel has become a trusted resource for patients from Birmingham, AL and surrounding communities, as well as broader referral regions. His passion for the field drives continual growth of his knowledge, skills, and adoption of the latest advances. By integrating clinical mastery, surgical artistry, and compassionate care, Dr. Siegel is able to ease suffering and dramatically improve quality of life even for the most challenging revision cases.

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