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At Siegel Orthopaedics, we are dedicated to empowering patients through education. Our patient resources section offers helpful information on orthopedic health, common injuries, and surgical procedures to inform and equip you to make the best decisions about your care. Drawing from his over 20 years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Herrick Siegel provides expert articles to increase understanding of topics like optimizing bone health, knee replacements, and revision joint procedures. His passion for outstanding patient care shines through in these free, accessible resources. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge below to learn more about orthopedic wellness and Dr. Siegel's personalized approach. Let these insights guide you on your journey to recovery and renewed mobility.

joint replacement surgery myths

Common Myths about Joint Replacement Surgery

When it comes to joint replacement surgery, there are numerous misconceptions that often prevent people from considering this life-changing procedure. At Siegel Orthopaedics, we understand…

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traveling for surgery

A Comprehensive Guide to Traveling for Orthopaedic Surgery

Spectrum Audio Code: For patients dealing with severe orthopaedic conditions, finding the best possible care is crucial. In some cases, this may involve traveling to…

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Caring for loved one after joint replacement

Caring for Your Loved One After Joint Replacement Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

Spectrum Audio Code: If your loved one is preparing for a total hip or knee replacement, you undoubtedly want to offer the best possible support…

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female athlete injury prevention

Protecting the Female Athlete: Understanding Injury Risks and Prevention Strategies

Female athletes are a force to be reckoned with, continuously breaking barriers and achieving remarkable feats in the world of sports. However, as women’s participation…

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Uncovering the Symptoms and Surgical Solutions for Hip Labral Tears

Introduction Hip pain and stiffness can significantly impact your daily life, limiting your ability to engage in the activities you love. One common cause of…

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Female doctor in a consultation with an older male patient, answering his questions about knee replacement surgery - Dr. Herrick J. Siegel

Knee Replacement Surgery: Answering Your Top 20 Questions

If you’re considering total knee replacement surgery, you likely have a myriad of questions and concerns running through your mind. This comprehensive guide aims to…

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3D xray image of upper half of body showing spinal cord. Medical technology. - Dr. Herrick J. Siegel

The Future of Orthopaedic Care: A Comprehensive Look at the Latest Advancements

In orthopaedic surgery’s ever-evolving landscape, groundbreaking advancements continuously reshape how we treat musculoskeletal disorders. These include regenerative techniques, robotic-assisted procedures, personalized medicine, and artificial intelligence…

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3D image of the external obliques representing core strength. - Dr. Herrick J. Siegel

Core Strength: The Key to a Pain-Free, Active Life

A strong, stable core is more than just a coveted six-pack; it’s the foundation for optimal musculoskeletal health and overall well-being. The core muscles, which…

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Athlete with shoe and sock removed, view of his foot with bruise on heel. - Dr. Herrick J. Siegel.

Effectively Managing Swelling and Bruising After a Sports Injury

Sports injuries are an unfortunate reality for many athletes, regardless of their level of experience or the sport they play. While some injuries may be…

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Man in blue shirt with his pet labrador outdoors - Dr. Herrick Siegel

The Comfort of Furry Companions: Pets as Support for Sarcoma Patients

Facing a sarcoma diagnosis can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. As you navigate through this challenging journey, the unconditional love and companionship of a…

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