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At Siegel Orthopaedics, we are dedicated to empowering patients through education. Our patient resources section offers helpful information on orthopedic health, common injuries, and surgical procedures to inform and equip you to make the best decisions about your care. Drawing from his over 20 years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Herrick Siegel provides expert articles to increase understanding of topics like optimizing bone health, knee replacements, and revision joint procedures. His passion for outstanding patient care shines through in these free, accessible resources. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge below to learn more about orthopedic wellness and Dr. Siegel's personalized approach. Let these insights guide you on your journey to recovery and renewed mobility.

Close up of a white male surgeon in blue gown and green face mask in operating room performing knee replacement surgery. - Dr. Herrick Siegel

Finding the Perfect Match: Choosing the Right Orthopaedic Surgeon for You

Undergoing orthopaedic surgery can be a stressful yet hopeful experience. Your aching joints or debilitating injury may significantly limit your quality of life. While the…

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Doctor in white lab coat discussing glucose levels with diabetic patient showing only clasped hands, diabetes management - Dr. Herrick siegel

Managing Your Orthopaedic Health With Diabetes

If you are living with diabetes, you are likely familiar with how it can affect your eyes, heart, and circulation over time. But did you…

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Patient with white shirt and black pants on a hospital bed with a physical therapist in blue scrubs starting therapy with small movements. - Dr. Herrick Siegel

The Critical Role of Physical Therapy in Your Joint Replacement Journey

What is Joint Replacement Surgery? Physical therapy has proven to be important in getting back to motion after a procedure such as a joint replacement…

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Person slipping and falling in snowy winter park on icy path. Danger of injury.

Staying Injury-Free This Winter: Preventing Common Winter Orthopaedic Injuries

The winter months bring crisp, cold air, beautiful snowfall, and cherished seasonal activities. However, the slippery ice, heavy snow, and frigid temperatures also lead to…

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Two male surgeons concentrating in an operative room while performing a surgery. Bright lamp shining behind them. - Dr. Herrick Siegel

Sarcoma Surgery: Understanding Your Options in the Quest for a Cure

Sarcomas are uncommon cancers that develop in the bones, muscles, joints, cartilage, nerves, and other connective tissues of the body. While rare overall, comprising about…

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Navigating-Recovery-After-Revision-Joint-Replacement-Surgery - Dr. Herrick Siegel

Navigating Recovery After Revision Joint Replacement Surgery

If you undergo revision surgery to replace a worn out or problematic knee, hip, or other joint replacement, recovery can be more difficult than after…

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Elderly woman is in a doctor's office being encouraged by her doctor to quit tobacco use. - Dr. Herrick Siegel

Kicking the Habit for Orthopaedic Surgery Success

If you need orthopaedic surgery, using tobacco products like cigarettes and chewing tobacco can greatly increase your risk of complications during and after surgery. Quitting…

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Front view of human hip joint and bones with inflammation or injury 3D illustration. - Dr. Herrick Siegel

Answering Your Top Questions About Total Hip Replacement

If you’re suffering from chronic hip pain that just won’t quit, you may have wondered if total hip replacement surgery is right for you. Replacing…

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MRI of knee injury to detect ACL tear - Dr. Herrick Siegel.

ACL Injury: Latest Repair and Reconstruction Options

If you’ve injured your knee playing sports or through everyday activities, you may have torn your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), one of the key stabilizing…

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Image of an arthritic knee joint - Dr. Herrick Siegel

Osteoarthritis: Understanding the Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

If you’re one of the over 30 million adults experiencing the aches, pains, and stiffness of osteoarthritis (OA), you’re not alone. This common joint disease…

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