Relieving Hip Pain with Hip Resurfacing Surgery by Dr. Herrick Siegel

About Dr. Herrick Siegel

Dr. Herrick J. Siegel is a highly accomplished orthopedic surgeon based in Birmingham, AL. He serves as a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Through his private practice, Siegel Orthopaedics, Dr. Siegel provides compassionate, individualized care to help patients regain active lifestyles. With over 20 years of experience, he has performed over 15,000 joint replacement procedures. Dr. Siegel stays current on the latest techniques and technologies to optimize surgical outcomes. His expertise with complex orthopedic cases makes him a trusted choice for hip resurfacing.

Understanding Hip Resurfacing

The hip joint consists of a ball that fits into a socket. Smooth cartilage usually enables the ball and socket to glide painlessly against each other. But osteoarthritis can erode hip cartilage, leading to bone rubbing on bone. This causes stiffness, loss of mobility, and significant pain. Total hip replacement is a traditional surgical solution, removing damaged cartilage and bone and inserting artificial components.

Hip resurfacing takes a bone-conserving approach. The surgeon trims the femoral head (ball) and covers it with a smooth metal cap. A metal shell is pressed into the hip socket. The metal components articulate together, restoring fluid hip movement. Hip resurfacing removes less bone than a total hip replacement.

Candidates for Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing relieves pain and improves function in patients with advanced hip arthritis. Candidates for the procedure often include:

  • Men under age 60 with strong, healthy bone
  • Active individuals who wish to return to higher impact activities
  • Younger patients who may need multiple hip surgeries over their lifetime

Hip resurfacing has risks not present with hip replacement, so candidacy depends on factors like age, bone quality, and anticipated activity level. Dr. Siegel thoroughly evaluates patients to determine if hip resurfacing or traditional hip replacement better suits their needs.

What to Expect During Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Dr. Siegel performs hip resurfacing procedures at surgical facilities in the Birmingham, AL area. The surgery takes 1-2 hours and involves:

  • Administering anesthesia, either locally or general
  • Making an incision in the thigh to access the hip joint
  • Dislocating the ball out of the socket and trimming it down to healthy bone
  • Applying specialized instruments to shape the femoral head
  • Fixing a smooth metal cap over the prepared ball with surgical cement
  • Inserting a metal cup into the hip socket, which attaches by friction
  • Repositioning the metal ball into the socket and closing the incision

Recovering After Hip Resurfacing Surgery

With Dr. Siegel's excellent surgical technique and close post-op monitoring, most patients recover swiftly after hip resurfacing. Hospital discharge is typically 1-3 days following surgery. Patients begin walking with support soon after the procedure once Dr. Siegel confirms bone stability. Crutches or a walker may be needed for a few weeks until sufficient mobility returns.

Medications manage pain during recovery. Dr. Siegel provides detailed home care instructions for wound care, activity restrictions, and more. Starting physical therapy quickly is key for regaining strength and range of motion. After several weeks of dedicated rehabilitation, most patients resume their regular daily routines. Within 3-6 months, full activity including higher impact exercise is often possible.

Benefits of Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Siegel

Well-selected patients can achieve excellent outcomes with hip resurfacing. Advantages of choosing this innovative procedure performed by Dr. Herrick Siegel include:

  • Preserving more natural femoral bone for future procedures if needed
  • Smoother, more stable hip joint function and lower dislocation risk
  • Faster return to full activity including running and impact sports
  • Restored mobility and lasting pain relief
  • Skilled surgery by a highly experienced orthopedic specialist
  • Smooth recovery process with supportive postoperative care

With his extensive surgical experience, up-to-date training, and compassionate approach, Dr. Siegel helps patients suffering from hip arthritis regain active, fulfilling lives through hip resurfacing.

Is Hip Resurfacing Right for You?

Hip resurfacing relieves arthritis hip pain and restores mobility in appropriate candidates. To determine if you may benefit from this innovative procedure, schedule a consultation with renowned hip surgeon Dr. Herrick Siegel. Call 205-930-8339 or request an appointment online at siegelorthopaedics.com. Discover your options for reducing hip pain and improving joint function.

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