The Direct Anterior Approach: A Breakthrough Technique for Hip Replacement Surgery

Why Muscle Damage Matters in Hip Replacement Surgery

  • In conventional hip replacement techniques, the surgeon detaches muscles and tendons from the hip bone to access the joint.
  • Detaching the gluteal and abductor muscles leads to more pain, stiffness, weakness, and prolonged recovery.
  • The altered mechanics can cause a limp or abnormal gait pattern.
  • Detached muscles cannot dynamically stabilize the new hip joint, increasing dislocation risk.

Why the Direct Anterior Hip Technique is a Game Changer

  • With the anterior approach, the hip joint is replaced through a small incision at the front of the hip.
  • The surgeon carefully separates the muscles along natural tissue planes rather than cutting them.
  • Key benefits:
    • Less pain
    • Faster recovery
    • Lower dislocation risk
    • More natural gait
    • Smaller scar

Expert Surgeon Dr. Herrick Siegel Specializes in the Direct Anterior Hip Technique

  • Performing the anterior approach requires technical mastery beyond traditional methods.
  • Dr. Herrick J. Siegel has specialized expertise in the direct anterior hip approach.
  • His skills include:
    • Meticulous exposure of the hip joint
    • State-of-the-art orthopaedic instruments
    • Computer navigation technology
    • Custom cutting guides
    • Specialized implant components

Is the Minimally Invasive Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Right for You?

  • If you have debilitating hip arthritis, anterior hip replacement can offer renewed mobility and freedom from pain.
  • This procedure allows quick return to normal activities with natural movement and stability.
  • You may be a candidate if:
    • Everyday activities are difficult due to hip arthritis
    • Pain persists despite conservative treatments
    • Pain is reducing your quality of life
    • X-rays show severe joint damage
    • You are committed to necessary rehabilitation
    • You want a minimally invasive approach

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