I fell off a 16 foot ladder fracturing my femur, knee and tibia. I am now 17 days post-op and am walking with a walker....
2 weeks ago
Fred Drew
My surgeon is wonderful! He makes sure I understand what he is going to do and answers all my questions. He has operated on me...
a month ago
jan snow
A friend of my brother had broken his hip in a really bad car accident. It had left him with a wildly pronounced limp. I...
5 months ago

"I was misdiagnosed for over a year with sciatic pain. What it truly was, was MRSA. It invaded my hip and I was close to death. Dr. Siegel, truly, saved my life and gave me back to my family. If this were on paper, it would be completely tear-stained over my gratitude. I would not be here experiencing my 18-month-old granddaughter from the only daughter I have without Dr. Siegel. Thank you so much, sir."

Lisa S.

"Dr. Siegel removed a giant-cell tumor from my knee on 3/9/2020. He accepted me as a patient even though I didn't have insurance. I can't even begin to imagine what my life would have been like during the past year if he hadn't performed this surgery. I credit him with the saving of my knee and probably much more. Thank you, Dr. Siegel."

Terry G.

"I broke my femur which knocked out my artificial knee which in turn destroyed my leg. I had 3 surgeries to repaid and my dr said I would probably not walk without assistance again. Dr. Seigel who in my opinion is a genius and miracle worker, fixed my leg and I can now do almost anything I want to do without assistance. He gave me my quality of life back which I am forever grateful. He's the best of the best!"

Rita C.

"I had total knee replacement on 8/7/20 and I am at full range of motion flexion and extension already just 2 weeks out of surgery! Very little to minimum pain!"

Christopher J.

"Dr. Siegel as well as the staff and personnel of UAB Highlands were very capable and made my visits and surgery successful. Everything was coordinated for my education and a successful surgery and recovery."

Juan D.

"Dr. Siegel is a miracle worker in my opinion. I was so fortunate to have Dr. Quaid refer me to him. I live in Tuscaloosa & the doctor at DCH MED CTR told me I was going to lose my leg. Strongly recommend Dr Siegel to anyone with serious orthopedic problems. He will take on patients that other surgeons wouldn't attempt to operate on. Great man, sense of humor. God bless Dr Herrick Siegel. Thankful I know him!"

Walter P.

"Being a patient of Dr Siegel is a blessing. He and his team exercised the upmost expertise and professionalism. His skills as a surgeon has allowed me to keep my leg and my life. After a diagnosis of Spindle Cell Sarcoma in my left femur he treated me and performed a partial resection on my thigh. I received clear margins and 41 staples from hip to knee. Was given 6 to 8 weeks recovery time. I returned to work after only 2 1/2 weeks. I’m a colorist and stylist. I stand for 8 to 12 hours a day. I returned to my love of backpacking in November (13 months) after surgery. I have most of my flexibility and mobility. I recommend Dr Siegel and his team to every single person that will read this. To be alive after my tumor-size(jumbo size softball)was removed is a miracle. Dr Siegel’s hands performed it for me and I will be forever grateful!!!!"

John C.

"Dr Siegal is great. Although something needs to be done about the automatic door. I have a black eye because it shut as I was walking up to the door. I thought it had a sensor to stop it from closing. Again. I really like the Doctor. He’s amazing."

Linda M.

"My hip was so bad that no other surgeon would work on it, Dr Siegel took me on as a patient and was able to fix it right up. Now I wouldn’t think of ever going to another Doctor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Kathryn M.

"Dr. Siegel is the best! My left hip was in terrible condition and he fixed me right up. He also takes time out of his busy schedule to answer email quickly. Unfortunately, I am now having trouble with my right knee and hip. However, there is a problem with my supplemental insurance and he told me he would try to find a way around that so I can return to his clinic. He is the most caring doctor that I have ever known."

Debbie S.

"Incredible surgeon and fabulous physician. So lucky to be Dr. Siegel’s patient without any hip pain now at age 89, with a discharge home one day postop after an elective right hip replacement thanks to UAB Highlands Orthopedics and Anesthesia teams without my needing general anesthesia! So happy! Well done!!"

Shirley J.

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